Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A cold start to a quiet day and a chance encounter

This morning we woke to a frosty -2C and frost on the ground and on the roofs of the park buildings. I am sure there was frost on the roofs of the RVs as well, but we could not see it. Took us a while to get moving out of our nice warm bed, but we did eventually emerge for breakfast and early morning computing. I took Timmy out for his morning pee pee. He sure was puzzled by the frost on the grass.

We were going to go to St Simons to the Apple repair store but decided to wait until we get to Orlando where we will have two weeks to get the computer fixed....and we will be on a new billing cycle on the credit card.

Yesterday I saw a Winnebago Brave pull in and then saw one of the occupants. "Hey, that's David" of Sherry and David of In the Direction of our Dreams blog. They travel in Winnona, their Winnebago. I had a short chat with David but was not able to reconnect last night. This morning I made sure I went over to see them before they left for Amelia Island. We had a very nice chat in Winnona, took photos and then they finished their breakfast and soon after 11 they pulled out.

David and Sherry

The rest of the day we just hung around in the campground, took some photos and generally vegged out. Plans for tomorrow to actually go out and do something! Perhaps we'll go to St Mary's and look around, go on the submarine tour and eat some local fish! See ya later!


  1. Hi to you both! Thanks for the comment. Good to see you out there. And what fun that you recognized us and we got to meet you at Walkabout. Sure hope you get to go to Cumberland Island. Wish we could kayak across from Amelia Island and meet you there. I can see the island from here. But it's too cold and choppy for kayaking. They don't allow the ferry boats from here to dock there just cruise around the island. How silly. You have to drive to St. Mary's. Say Hi to Troy for us.

  2. Sherry, we LOVED Cumberland Island What a treasure. We waved at Amelia Island, did you see us?