Sunday, March 09, 2014

Planning our trip home.

I use a subscription web site to plan our trips. It is called RV Trip Wizard. Here is our proposed trip back to Ontario. Of course I can change this on the fly depending on circumstances. What do I like about this program? I can calculate our costs. I have set up our membership and discount campgrounds in the preferences, so it shows me what is coming up. I can set a distance I want to travel each day, and tells me the date I will get to each stop.

This page from the web site just about says it all.


       Runs on ANY computer, tablet or smart phone
       Access to over 17,000 campgrounds in the US and Canada
       New Parks are added as fast as we can find them!
       Include campgrounds of every affiliation (Passport America, Good Sam, 1000 Trails, etc)
       Plan using your own camping preferences, not what the “book” suggests
       Highlight your preferred campgrounds, or see them all
       See information for any campground at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger
       See photos of selected campgrounds or the area around them using satellite view
       Add your own points of interest (POI's)
       See distances between campgrounds to plan miles to drive
       Choose the miles you want to drive, or hours - choose either one, or neither
       Turn-by-Turn directions
       Automatically save and easily recall trips
       Simple "what if we…" trip planning
       Unlimited trips
       Low Clearance warnings on your route
       Traveling with others?  Transfer a copy of your trip to them
       Find a golf course nearby
       Find a pet hospital nearby
       See bicycle trails near your campground
       Use while driving IF you have a wireless or phone connection
       Have complete data security
       RV Trip Wizard allows owners to update their RV Park information
       We use Google Enterprise Maps.  All routes are generated by Google but may be changed by YOU.
and so much more…   


  1. Hmm you plan your trip home? We can't hardly plan next week. Good luck. We just like to wing it.

  2. George, I am pretty anal about knowing where we are going, within reason. Of course at any stage we may change our plans. We do need to be back in Canada by the second half of April and we do need to stop at the Newmar factory on our way home. Not sure that we will continue using the web application after this year, we'll see.

  3. Thanks for suggesting this Dee. We are in Palm Desert and starting to think abut heading north so I will check it out.