Saturday, March 08, 2014

I have been sooooo LAZY!!

A month since I last posted to my blog. That is disgusting! Anyway, here is a little update to what we have been up to.

First off, the toe thing effectively hobbled me for most of the month. I pretty much took it easy, at least for the first couple of weeks, yoga, line dancing, hiking and walks were postponed. We did go for a couple of drives and went to the movies with our friends, Peter and Margaret.

We saw Monuments Men, which was excellent. A very low key movie that was more like a documentary (with some big name stars), then we went to see the movie of the ballet Swan Lake. That was lovely, Michael enjoyed the music, not so much the "men in tights" ;-). We also went to see Nebraska. A wonderful movie about an old man (Bruce Dern) who was convinced he had won a million dollars in a sweepstake, and his trip to Nebraska to claim the prize.

We have been thinking of going to one of the nearby County Parks for our "week out", so we took a drive up to Adolph Thomae park, in the north end of Laguna Atacosa Wildlife Refuge to have a look see.

Most of the sites are waterfront on the Arroyo River.

Sites are fairly large and the RV sites have full hookup with 50 or 30 amps.

A barge sailing west on the river.

Arroyo River

There goes the barge!

Michael and Timmy going down to the river's edge.

Vegetation on the edge of the river.

Boat launch

Info board

Arroyo River

View from the raised viewing platform overlooking the Laguna Atacosa Wildlife Refuge

Site #1. 

RV Sites. Fully booked for March break.

Our timing has not been good for going to stay at one of the nearby parks. We would have liked to have gone to Isla Blanca County Park this week, but it is March break and the hooligans have descended on S. Padre Island.  So we just stayed here at Tropic Winds.

As we head for the beginning of spring, the park is starting to empty. Snow birds from some of the northern states have started the trek home. There are still a lot of Canadians here.

That's us at the end of the row.

Not sure why the rest of these are in black and white. I guess I pressed something on the iPhone camera.
That's us in the distance on the left.

Our home park is still frozen and we will not be able to get in until the ground thaws, so we will stay here until the end of March, then start the drive home. Planning is such fun. I have been using a subscription program called RV Trip Wizard. I have all our camping memberships entered in the preferences, so it is simple to route ourselves back home, maximizing on free or low cost camping. We use the 2X2X2 rule. That is drive about 200 miles per day, arrive by 2 pm and stay at least 2 days (we like to stay 3 to 7 days per stop).

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