Friday, February 07, 2014

Glory be, it's cold!

Cold and rainy all day today in Harlingen! It didn't get above 3C (37F) all day. We just stayed in and did nothing all day, with exception of playing on iPads and watching TV. Of course Michael had to do potty runs with Timmy every few hours! I can't do it on account of my busted toe. Good excuse!

This evening we really enjoyed the Olympic opening ceremonies. What a show! We will be watching a bit of the Olympics over the next two weeks. Probably ice skating and curling. Not into much else.

Tomorrow we are meeting friends over in McAllen and going to Jimmy's Eggs for breakfast and then going to do a spot of shopping at Costco.

In the meantime, the electric mattress pad is turned on and the bed is very cozy and warm. The heat pump is blowing warm air into the RV. Thank goodness we are not paying for electricity!

Goodnight, folks.


  1. Still much better than back home, keep warm there.

  2. Well we are!!! Can just imagine our bill next month. Oh well. Isn't this weather disgusting? How's the toe healing, ready for Progresso shortly?

  3. We are in Yuma. In the high 20sC every day - hopefully this weather is going your way.

  4. We should have gone west with you!