Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Wha????? What happened?

Our site at Medina lakes.
What happened to Lake Medina? It's gone! Apparently there has been a 3 year drought and the lake had dried up. There are trees growing in the lake bed and hikng and bicycle paths criss cross the valley. So sad. All the businesses are dying around there. There is a big push on to save the lake. How, I don't know. If there is no rain, there is no rain.

This used to be the lake

A dock sitting high and dry
Anyway we spent a very nice 4 days there (we were supposed to be there for 14 days. More about that later). There are herds of deer walking around, and of course Timmy thought they were just big dogs!
Lots of deer walking around the campground
Timmy tried unsuccessfully to catch a few.
Michael enjoying the nice weather
Our site was very private and we had a surround of Mountain Cedar trees. Very nice. I was able to get Verizon signal very easily, but still didn't update the blog. I think we were more concerned about the approaching ice storm. Our main reason for coming to this area is so that we can go to The Alamo and San Antonio Riverwalk.
Very private site
Our opinions of The Alamo? Disappointing. The Riverwalk was very pretty. An urban riverside space done right.
The Alamo
A very old Live Oak tree at the Alamo
beautiful tropical gardens at the Alamo
The Riverwalk, San Antonio
So well landscaped.
Tour boat behind Michael
Old Buildings along the river. Most have been converted into restaurants.
Water feature along the Riverwalk.
Tour boats move up and down the river. We had Timmy with us and so we could not go on it.
So peaceful.
Oh, Did I hear someone ask about the scratches on the side of the RV? We got them out with Maguiar's ScratchX  2.0 Wonderful stuff!


  1. We were in San Antonio and on the Riverwalk when it was snowing. But it still was a beautiful place. I enjoyed the Alamo but that's because of all the history wrapped up in it.

    1. I think I would have enjoyed the Alamo more if they had allowed Timmy in the grounds. We had tried to put Timmy into doggy day care but he was missing one vaccine so they would not allow him to stay.

  2. We have enjoyed the Riverwalk and Alamo a few times, so much history. Had fun on the narrated boat ride and a few restaurants for delicious meals outside on the river patios. The Christmas lights are amazing.

    1. We had a lunch at a doggy friendly restaurant on the river. Seafood! Yum!

  3. We've been to the Alamo many times. Like Sandie, I love the history wrapped around the Alamo and plan to visit again. We also liked the Riverwalk. On a nice day it's certainly the place to be.

    1. I loved what they did with the river. So pretty.

  4. We enjoyed the mission tour south of town more than the Alamo. At the others you got more of a feel of what mission life was like.

    1. We will do the mission tour on our next trip to San Antonio. We have seen so many missions in SoCal but not in Texas.