Sunday, December 29, 2013

A wonderful afternoon with fellow bloggers!

A week or so back, I found out that a fellow blogger was nearby in Mission, Texas. Ruth and Ken are at Bentsen Palms RV Resort. We made the decision to meet up sometime while we are both in The Valley. Of course we also live about 40 kms from each other in Ontario, but have never met before, so what better time! Then along came Anne and Archie from Nova Scotia and we also follow their blog! Guess where they were staying? At Bentsen Palms, but would be leaving soon. So time was of the essence, we HAD TO make the trip over there and meet up with all of them.

We met at Anne and Archie's motorhome and what a wonderful afternoon we had. I felt as if we had been been friends for a long time, when in fact, we had never met. The afternoon went so fast, talking about other blogs we follow, what our plans are and a million other topics. There was so much more to talk about, but we will leave that for another time.

Anne, Ruth, Michael, Archie and Ken. Timmy and Jackson joining in!
Dee, Michael, Archie, Ken and Ruth

Bentsen Palms RV Resort is really nice. It has a very unusual layout with four circles of RVs around central areas and then another row of sites around the outside. It is part of a larger development called Bentsen Palm where you can buy a lot with a cabana on it or a house with covered RV parking. 


  1. It was absolutely lovely. Sorry that Anne and Archie have moved on just when we got to know them. Safe travels guys.

  2. Bentsen Palm is a wonderful park. If you ever get a chance, visit the State Park next door. It is a huge birding center. Nice trails and a trolley.

  3. One of the best things about RVing is being able to meet up with other bloggers. Happy New Year.

  4. Always fun meeting with fellow bloggers and Rv'ers, when we are on the road.