Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rocky Springs Campground

Today we started to come out of the gloomy weather and saw some sunshine. How pretty the road is with the sun shining through the trees. We went through an area where a tornado ripped through. I did take photos, but they were lost along with others of the trace. If I find them, I will post them.

Our drive to Rocky Springs campground was as uneventful as the past 2 days. Lovely quiet, peaceful traffic free drive. I love this road!! Next time we will take it slower and investigate the history a bit more..

Sunshine breaking through
lots of these lovely little bridges. All high enough for us to pass under.

Rocky Springs is one of the free campgrounds on the way. It is a real treat to stay overnight. No TV, no internet, no noise. Just peace and quiet.

Another wonderful campsite.
Grooming Timmy at Rocky Springs
Our next nearest neighbour. another Dutch Star.
Below are photos of one of the historic sites along the way. It is all so well done. Next trip we will take it slower and enjoy the history and scenery.


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