Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scratched!! Darn GPS.

Our next stop is Lake Medina Thousand Trails park. We are booked in here for 2 weeks, but may cut it short. On the way to the park our GPS made a big mistake and took us down a small road that got narrower and narrower. Then we got to a locked gate and had to turn around. Not easy with a 39 foot bus! Michael had to unhook the car and then drive off the road and try and turn around. Along the road there were trees on either side and the RV got quite badly scratched. Hopefully the scratches will buff out.

We eventually got onto the right road and arrived at the campground safe and sound. Found a site and settled in. It is going to be fun exploring this area. Stay tuned.....

Our site at Medina Lakes
Bad scratches on the back end of the RV.
Hope we can buff these out!


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  1. We have had a little luck buffing out our "desert pinstriping" from bushes at Anza Borrego State Park in California. Hope you have better luck.