Sunday, November 24, 2013


The Natchez Trace passes through 3 states, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. At the bottom end is Natchez and across the river we passed into Louisiana. Back into the traffic and big transport trucks. A couple of people on the Trace had told us about Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, LA. It is a large casino on a reservation and they honour Passport America for 5 days. So we plotted our route and headed there. At $8.00 a night plus taxes it was not to be missed. The coming weekend is also the annual BBQ and we were told that it is not to be missed.

The RV Park is laid out very neatly with level concrete pads on every site and full hookup, including 50 amp electricity. We could only get a booking for 4 nights, bjut thought we would try for a 5th night when we got there. As the weather was deteriorating and rain was predicted for the weekend, we were able to get a 5th night at PA rates. Hooray!

The first couple of days we were there were quite pleasntly warm and then the cold front moved in and we had rain. The BBQ on the weekend was quite a big affair, but we misunderstood the procedure and what we should have done, was to sign up as judges for the food. We would then have got free food. Only one group was selling their stuff and it was a piece of pork and a whole bunch of carbohydrates like potato, rice and bread. as I do not eat carbs, we passed on the pork and went and ate in the casino.

I have included photos of some of the smokers and barbeques. Boy, they are BIG! These people taake their BBQ competition very seriously.

At the same time as the BBQ there was also a vintage car show, which was washed out. Some people did not even take their cars out of their trailers, the weather was so bad.

Will we come back if we are passing this way again? You betcha!! Wonderful park.

We decided to stay an extra day because the weather had deteriorated so much. Winter storm Boreas was moving in and we were not sure to expect, so we battened down the hatches and played the wait and see game.




  1. Hi guys! Welcome to the has been icky everywhere. We are in Freeport, FL and just about washed away yesterday and today it is cold and windy!

    Looks like Louisiana is a place we might have to explore...what a pretty park!
    Too bad about the car show...that was one fine looking red pick-up!

    I love your new home on wheels....enjoy!

  2. Beauty park for $8/ hit the jackpot.

  3. I'm so glad we finally have sun again but we also got wind. Just can't win no matter where you are this Thanksgiving season. That's too bad that the car show got washed out.

  4. Nice looking park and it is always hard to pass up good BBQ!