Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Visiting my sister in Keedysville, MD

We spent a few days with my sister in Keedysville, Maryland. She is doing a lot of renovations to her house, including a new fence around the back of their property to keep her recently adopted Chesapeake Bay Retriever in the yard. This does mean that we do not have as much room as we had in November to park the Seneca, but there is still enough space for us to get into the driveway if we keep our big slide in. We did not do anything other than a bit of outlet shopping and a new Apple computer for me. If you remember correctly my computer screen backlight died. I was coping with it by hooking up the small TV screen to the computer. This worked very well for the interim. I will get the old computer repaired and give it to our grandson. So a few quiet days with my sister, we picked up the temporary drivers license for Michael, much to his relief. I was pretty much under the weather for the stay, sleeping a lot and not really feeling up to par.

Wedged in between the fences on my sister's drive way

New veggie gardens

The chicken coop

Our Seneca parked in the driveway

Sam, looking beautiful on the back porch

Woof, woof, Timmy come and play.