Thursday, February 14, 2013

We found the Keys!

South African friends of ours from Ontario let us know that they were going to be in Florida for a week, and wondered if we could meet up somewhere. They were staying at a time share in Fort Lauderdale and we were in Pine Island. We were due to leave Pine Island on the 14th and head down to Sunshine Key RV Resort on Big Pine Key. So a little bit of juggling and we left Pine Island on the 13th, forfeiting a day there and brought our Keys dates forward by one day. We did not mind forfeiting the one day as our stay in Sunshine Key is costing us nothing. This is a Thousand Trails Max Pass booking. So 8 days in the keys is going to be great.
We loved the trip down, through the Everglades and then down to the Keys, travelling on the Oversea Highway, crossing the wonderful blue green waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the right and the Atlantic on the left.
The Oversea Highway with the defunct Flagler Railroad highway on the right.
Our friends Dave and Belinda and their 2 1/2 year old grandson Aiden got to the resort before us.We got permission for them to stay with us at no cost. What a deal!
Enjoying a chat in the wonderful warm weather. Dave, Belinda, Aiden, Timmy and Dee.
Breakfast at camp. Dave, Belinda and Michael.
Can you believe this is February?
Dave and Belinda went down to Key West for the day while we finished settling into our site. We are on site #370 which is quite close to the highway, but we do have a view of the water. We met them down in Key West for the Sunset Entertainment in Mallory Square. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in and we did not actually see the sunset. A dinner of conch fritters, clam strips, calamari and coconut shrimp on the waterfront and then Dave and Belinda drove back to Fort Lauderdale and we drove home. How lovely to see friends from home.
Mallory Square is a area of stores and eateries. It is also where the various city tours start.
Belinda and Dee inside a Megalodon skeleton.
Sharing 2 seafood dinners between the 4 of us at the water's edge.
There are these roosters running around all over the town. Apparently they are protected.
sculptures near Mallory Square.
Majesty of the Seas in dock.
A sail boat passes by.
A tall ship catching the breeze.


  1. Beautiful pics! Hope to make it down there before summer.

  2. It is a very nice area, we enjoyed a week in the keys last fall, have fun!

  3. Those pictures sure make us want to head back down to the Keys!

  4. We've only been to the Keys with a cruise ship, but those stops and blogs like yours have whetted our appetite to spend time there in the future.