Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hello, Pine Island RV Resort

We arrived here on Thursday after we left Peace River and then stopped in at Dream RV in Bradenton, where they completed the replacement of the faulty battery disconnect solenoid. $350 later we were on our way and are now parked on Site 40 at Pine Island RV Resort. This is an Encore Resort and a KOA. So far it looks very nice. A typical Encore Resort. Lots of seasonal and monthly RVers. The sites are all concrete pads with 50 or 30 amp service. We are just here for a week before we go back into the Thousand Trail system at Sunshine Key.

Friday we explored the Island from South to North and found out that there is no beach here. You have to go off island to get to a beach. A large percentage of the Island is taken up with palm tree farms and nurseries. There is an area in the center of the island where there are stores, including a Wynn Dixie Supermarket. The island is very much a backwater and many areas are like old time Florida.

Today we drove over to the Fort Myers Flea Market in the search of a sun shade for the awning. There is just so much darn sunshine here in the sunshine state! At the Tampa RV Supershow we saw an awning which is in 2 parts. A short drop which is attached to the awning tube and can be rolled up with the awning and then a longer drop which is attached to the short drop with S hooks to give you shade. Sounds complicated, but the idea is quite simple and solves a problem that we with electric awnings have. We first saw an awning like this at Bee's resort. I should have ordered on from the RV show, but didn't. Oh well.

We then decided to go over to Fort Myers Beach. That idea did not go too well. The Traffic!! It was horrendous and then after sitting for half an hour on the road to the beach, we turned around and came home to the RV Park. Tomorrow is another day!

Pool area
Clean, modern laundry
We first saw this at Peace River. No more quarters. Now we can just swipe our credit card.
Lots of books
Wonderful Book Nook
Site #40
Small canoe launch at the southern end of the Island
Sign about Manatees. Maybe we will actually be able to get a good look while here.
Fishing Pier
Looking back toward the land.
I sincerely hope that the school teaches the children to spell!
White pelicans




  1. Looks like a great place, enjoy!

  2. Love the water photos. That is one thing I miss here in the Arizona desert.

  3. A great area:) We only went to the FM Beach once, the traffic you noted made us decide not to go back:(

  4. Looks like a nice park, but sure don't care for all the traffic we came across in Florida.
    Enjoy the sunshine there.

  5. What a lovely area you are in. I love the library...fur sure!

  6. Nice all looks very inviting.i love the pelicans on the pier. Hope you get pictures of the manatees! Glad you are settled in for a week.

    Have a great Sunday!

  7. One of the better libraries we have seen in an RV park.