Friday, February 15, 2013

Go West, Young Man!

Today we spent the day in Key West thanks to our friends. Yesterday they went on the Conch Train, a tour of the city, and their tickets were for 2 days. They were unable to take the tour for two days so passed the tickets on to us. So we popped Timmy into his crate and drove down to Key West. We know we can leave Timmy for about 4 to 5 hours, so time was of the essence. We took about an hour to get down to Key West, parking in the Westin Hotel parking lot near Mallory Square. We jumped onto the first Conch Train that was stopped at the depot. It was already pretty cloudy and we thought rain was threatening, but the only seats that were available were the ones directly behind the driver.
The tour is very good with a hop on, hop off option. We stayed on until we got to the Southernmost Point of the USA. Would have loved to tour the Hemingway house, but as we had to be back within about 4 hours, we gave it a miss until the next time we are down here. Key West is a fascinating place with a lot of history and character.
We had some very wet weather on the tour and were given yellow plastic ponchos to wear, but only after we were thoroughly soaked. How can the weather change so much from the day before?
Mile 0
Any buyers for this RV with a unique paint job.
The plaque says it all
The Hemingway house
90 miles from Cuba
I just like this front porch
A famous guys front porch
Rococo movie Theater
Shrimp Poboy for lunch
Mango marguerita. Yummy!
Shrimp Club Sandwich.


  1. You can always have fun in Key West:)

  2. Love the yellow ponchos. When we were there it seemed to strange to look out over the ocean and think we were only 90 miles from Cuba and all those people on boats trying to get to Florida. Maybe that RV is trying to blend in so it won't be noticed as it's stealth camping.

  3. We enjoyed the tour of Key West too but lucked out with perfect weather, always a fun time there.

  4. Have to get to key west sometime.

  5. If you are going to be in the Keys any longer, go back with to Key West Timmy. We parked next to that RV with the unique paint job. A very cute dog-friendly beach and restaurant patio are just down the street. You'll meet lots of friendly and unique people there. I know we did. Love. love Key West.

    1. We may take another ride down there before we leave. I still want to see the Hemingway house. If we dont make it this time, we know we will be back here next winter! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Somehow I missed this post. We have been a little under the weather with bad colds. A good day followed by 2 not feeling so good days and so on for the past week or so.

    Thanks for the tour of Key West. I have always wanted to go there and might get to one day. But for now I just enjoy it through the eyes of others.

    Hope you both and Timmy are well and enjoying yourselves.

    1. Gay, I hope that you two are feeling better soon. It is miserable to feel bad. The reason you missed the post is that I had the wrong date on it so it was hidden. Glad you got to read it regardless. The Keys are PARADISE!! You have to come down.