Friday, January 25, 2013

Solenoid fail.

Yesterday morning we were scheduled to leave Winter Quarters, Bradenton and our 12 volt power failed completely, so we were unable to get the slides in. After a brief moment of panic, Michael figure out that if he held the battery cut off switch in the On position, we could get them in. Very near to Winter Quarters there is an RV dealership, Dream RV. We drove there and asked if they would be able to help us. After some persuasion, they agreed to "take a look". It 2 hours for the technician to find out that the battery cut off Solenoid had failed. Unfortunately they are not a Jayco dealer, therefore they did not have the right solenoid. The technician managed to bridge the wiring and they have the right solenoid on order. We will stop in there on our way to Fort Myers in 2 weeks. The really sad thing is that this is not covered in our extended warranty!


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