Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peace River Preserve, Wauchula, Florida

After we left the RV dealership we drove the short 50 miles to Peace River. We were told at the front office to go into the overflow area and choose a site. The overflow area does not have any sewers because it is on the flood plain for the Peace River. There is a system in place where your name goes into a lottery and as full hookup sites come available those sites go into the draw and if your name comes up, you are then able to move. We found a site backing on to the river, so unhooked the car and reversed into the site. The neighbours immediately came over and told us that the site was empty because there was only very low voltage power. Michael measured the voltage and found that it was reading 110 volts, se we decided to stay on the site and see how it went. By evening the power was down to 90. Not good.

In the morning I was still in bed when Michael went out to measure the voltage and it was sitting around 80. He noticed that the occupants of a site just a short away, and also backing onto the river, were leaving. He measured their electricity and it was a healthy 120 volts. Michael came back into the MoHo and dragged me out of bed to go up to the office to ask if we could move. Permission was given and so we moved. The new site is so lovely that we have decided not to move to a full hookup.

Our first site. We had to park at an angle because of a large tree right in line with the bedroom slide.
Our lovely back yard next to the river.
Site #P81




  1. What a nice front yard! So glad you are settled in. Sorry to hear about your troubles. We were held over in Tucson because the motor on our main slide died......had to order one. Thank goodness there was a great doggie park for our pups! They had a great time, but boy were we crowded in the MH! Hope you get it all fixed.

  2. Sometimes we just have to make lemonade out of those lemons. Very nice site indeed