Monday, January 07, 2013

Moving on again.

Tomorrow we move on, having been here for a week. We were here under our Coast to Coast membership (at $10 a night), which only allows a week at a time. So we are now going to a Thousand Trails campground. This time we are going to Three Flags in Wildwood.

After a week here, I must say that we have enjoyed a very relaxing week. Every week, on  Tuesdays,  they have a Chicken Dinner, which is quite famous in these parts.  But as the Tuesday that we arrived was New Year's Day,  there was no Chicken Dinner. We did, however,  get to partake in the fish fry on Friday. It is an "all you can eat", but we were only able to have one helping. Then on Saturday we went to the Bee Hive for the Ice Cream Social. $1 each for a huge bowl of ice cream, chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of nuts.

Campers starting to gather for the Fish Fry.

Corn fritters, apple sauce, coleslaw, fries and fried Alaskan Pollock
When we were at Orlando we met a couple from Montana, Jim and Jan. They were there in a motorhome on their Thousand Trails membership, but they also have a fifth wheel and a site at Rolling Ridge Resort, across the road from Bee's. We were very happy to be able to spend  an afternoon with them. Rolling Ridge is wholly owned by the site owners in the park. It is a lovely resort, with paved pads, very neat and clean. The sites have been developed and landscaped by the occupants. There are sites available for rent from the owners as well.   Sites rent for about $450 a month not including electricity.

Michael, Jim and Jan walking the fur babies around Rolling Ridge.

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  1. We enjoyed two weeks at Bees with our Coast deluxe membership. If you think the sites are close there at Bee's don't come to Martin lake in Ocean Spring MS.