Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A busy time doing nothing.

It is so peaceful here at Peace River that we have enjoyed doing nothing next to the river. Reading, computing, walking and biking. Well, I guess we have been doing something, but certainly nothing too strenuous. We have not even done any sight seeing. The furthest we have travelled is, to Avon Park, to buy a Blue Boy. For those of my family and friends who do not know what a Blue Boy is, it is a blue plastic tank with wheels and a sewer connection so that we can empty our tanks without moving the motorhome. We actually have one of these, but it got left behind in Whitby. We are now able to use our on board facilities and drain the tank (we only drain the grey water tank - washing water) every two to three days. If we need to drain the black tank - toilet water, we will drive the motorhome up to the dump station.

One of the things that people do here is look for fossils. We have seen people in the river digging and scraping the river bottom then straining the gravel to find the fossils. I might give it a try just to be able to take a fossil or two home to the grandies.... But then we are fossils so why would they want some more? ;-D

Here are some random photos around the campground. We like it very much.

There we are in the distance
Have not seen any Alligators
Nature Walk along the river
Nature walk
Office and club house
Shuffle board
Large sites
Shade or sun, whatever you want
Tucked into the palms
Some people like the open sites because of satellite dishes
We can get almost 100% signal on our dish
Ready to spend the afternoon beside the river
Peace River for the soul!
The view out of our back window.
Merlot time




  1. Looks like a good place to be doing nothing!

  2. Isn't is such a wonderful feeling to be somewhere so peaceful and not have anything that has to be done? Your chairs by the river look very inviting as does the merlot...cheers!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. That looks like a mighty fine park you two are in.

    Sometimes doing nothing can be rather tiring. Enjoy the good life.