Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New fridge door.

Where are we today? 

If you remember, our fridge door hinge broke back on December 2nd while we were at The Oaks. We thought we had fixed it with epoxy, but it broke and fell off again. Calls and emails to Norcold, then a search on their web site to find a parts supplier and we found Dick Gore RV World in Jacksonville.

Just north of the dealership we found an RV Park, which is part of our Coast to Coast affiliated parks. 3 nights booked and that is where we are now. We went to Dick Gores and picked up the door. Very easy to fit, including a reinforcement bracket for the hinge. Hopefully it will not break. Luckily we have a bumper to bumper warranty on the RV so we only had to pay $50 with $171 coming from Secure Warranty. Hooray!!

Pecan Park is new and very clean and neat. Concrete pads for everyone. The park is long and narrow, being about 1 km long fron front to back. There are almost 200 70' X 40' pull through sites. It is very convenient to the I95 and right next to a big flea market. There is a pool. a big laundry room and a catch and release pond. Picking up the satellites was a piece of cake because there are no trees. The only downside is that it is on the landing approach to the Jacksonville International airport. There are frequent planes coming in to the airport, but, thank goodness, there are no overnight landings. We did get to see the undercarriage of many jets as they were coming in to land. We would stay there again.

Pool area

Our site #103

Long view of the campground

Neat sites with long concrete pads.
Apart from the trip to the dealership, we also took a drive to the beach and had lunch at Joes Crab Shack and took Timmy for a walk on the beach. Timmy loves the beach and runs around like crazy! This time he got quite the surprise when he did not realize that the water on the beach was actually a hole filled with sea water, and splash, he fell right in! He was so funny as he almost walked on water to get out! Poor little guy was soaked.
Timmy, feeling very sorry for himself
Fantastic beach - looking south
Looking north on Jacksonville Beach
The patio of Joe's Crab Shack
Almost all dry.
Lunch was OK. We splurged on lobster. I had the grilled tails with shrimp and scallops and Michael had the Lobster Bisque. I gave the food a 2 1/2 out of 5. I had to send the silverware back as it was dirty and the service was very slow. However the view was wonderful! We had to sit on the patio because we had Timmy with us and he did his usual hoovering job under the table.

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  1. Glad the door is going to be fixed, safe travels!

    1. It is fixed. Took all of 10 minutes.