Friday, January 11, 2013

Fleas in Florida!

I know that the South West is freezing at the moment, and the middle is wet, but over here in Florida we are having somewhat of a heat wave. AND WE LOVE IT! The temperatures have been in the 80s (upper 20s Celsius) during the day for the past week, a little cooler at night. The down side of this heat is that the fleas are like the locust plague of Egypt! Poor Timmy was infested with them, so much so that we had to go to the vet and get some tablets (Capstar), which will kill them. We have also bought flea spray and powder for inside the RV, special shampoo and a flea collar. Timmy is now flea free for the time being. We do give him the Advantage Multi liquid between his shoulder blades once a month, but that does not seem to keep the fleas at bay. If there are any readers who can give a word of advice, we would appreciate it.

Today we took a drive up to the Markets in Marion. A huge flea market, which has just about everything you could possibly need. Michael watched Timmy outside while I got lost inside, literally. I had to ask a few people how to get out. I came out with some tie downs, some small clamps, some suction hooks, a faux shammy, and a jar of orange blossom honey. The place was absolutely packed with people looking for that special something.

We also went to a another flea market further north which was a collection of other people's junk. What Michael calls a "real" flea market. Anyone for a tow hitch? Or maybe some old clothes that never even made it to Goodwill Thrift Store....or maybe they came from Goodwill!

One of the aisles inside the Market in Marion. Crowded!
Junk flea market
Tow Bar anyone??

Definitely not Christian Dior.


  1. Fleas on the pups.....not good! Flea kindda day! So glad to hear Timmy is feeling better. We keep Comfortis pills just in case we see a flea on one of our pups. We are in the freezing south west,Tucson, so remember us when you are out and about in your shorts and flip-flops!!!!!

    1. Gay, where do I get Comfortis?

    2. WE got Comfortis from our vet. The dose is based on the weight of our pup so they each have their own box of 6 pills. At the first sign of a flea, they get a pill. Comfortis only kills fleas up to 30 days and does not kill ticks. Its probablly the same type of pill as Capstar

  2. We enjoyed the Market at Marion too, spent most of the day there.

  3. If you don't want fleas stay away from their markets.

  4. Could definitely deal with some of that heat wave here in Colorado. When I left for work this morning, it was 8 degrees. 8! That's not a temperature... it's more like a sports score. Florida looks great!