Saturday, December 22, 2012

A lazy day around camp

Thousand Trails Orlando, Clermont, FL

I woke early this morning with a loud alarm sounding from my iPad. What the heck? Bleary eyed, I squinted at the screen, not easy without glasses, and saw that my weather app was alerting me to a "Freeze Warning". Turned it off and stayed warm and snug in bed. Finally crawled out, showered, breakfasted and got ready for doing nothing! We stayed in camp, took a few walks and talked to a few folks. Very quiet and relaxing day. I really need to do some cleaning,  sorting and clearing out of cupboards. But not today. Yawn.....maybe tomorrow.

Here are some more pictures taken around the park.

Gopher Tortoise

Sandhill Cranes behind or RV

Michael relaxing in the warm sun

My $5.00 decorations

Sandhill Cranes

Sky writing over Disney World nearby

Finished message says LOVE U BABY JESUS

Very pretty garden in the treed section of the park

Too many trees for us. They would interfere with the satellite dish

Really nice sites ib the treed section

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  1. Nice looking the sky writing...Merry Christmas

  2. Hi name is Gay Taylor. I joined your blog today. I am new at blogging. Wish I could wiggle my nose and have a blog spot just like yours. My husband ( Joe ) and I have been living in our RV for the past 15 months. What a life! We spent this past summer in the Canadian Maritimes, Maine, and Vermont. Anyway, as pitiful as it is and if you have time check out We travel with 4 rescue pups in a 2008 Itasca Latitude that we traded our truck and toy hauler for last January.....hope you enjoy Florida. We are in Victoria, Texas headed for South Padre Island, TX on January 2 for a month.

    Merry Christmas!