Friday, November 09, 2012

Camping World in Hamburg, New York

Hamburg, NY

Tonight we are overnighting in Hamburg, NY. A few years ago this was our closest Camping World then it closed down. Our closest store became the one in Churchville. I was thrilled to see that Hamburg had opened again and so we came by here today and are staying overnight with 50 amp hookup!! Of course we have spent some money inside. A new satellite cable and a cable reel, some black tank deodorant and an Oxygenics shower head. I was tempted to buy the brushed nickel to match the rest of the plumbing in the RV, but instead I opted for the white as it was less than half the price. There have been so many good reports on this shower head that I am looking forward to trying it out. Does anyone know what we must get to be able to shut off the water when taking navy showers?

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  1. We love our Oxygenics shower head, we just use the valve at the bottom of the shower head that controls the spray level, it doesn't shut it completely down, but it works fine. Hope you like it and safe travels.

  2. We didn't know you could just stay at a Camping World without getting service. Nice to know.

    1. Not all Camping Worlds, but most. I usually phone ahead of time to make sure and it usually says on each stores web site if they have overnight parking. We stayed at one just south of Birmingham, Alabama where we had 50 amps and full hook up. They even asked us how long we were staying! Then we stayed at Katy, Texas where we were not welcomed but were told if we wanted to we could stay in the parking lot (right next to I10) no hookup.

  3. I've heard good things about the Oxygenics. I did hear that the little valve is what you use to turn it off.
    We were at a CW today in Gulf Breeze, FL today that had actual sites with hook-ups. Pretty cool!

  4. Love our Oxygenics shower head, less water and more pressure, especially when dry camping.
    We bought a shut off valve at a hardware store that just screws onto the end of the hose before the shower head, works great.