Monday, April 16, 2012

A little further east....

Where are we today? 
Santa Fe, New Mexico

We never did get over to the Casino last night and decided to just have a healthy breakfast in the RV before setting off. These pics were taken this morning just before we left.
Dancing Eagle RV Park
Pretty much a parking lot with hookups
Hooking up to leave this morning
A few pull throughs in the center
Bleak and uninteresting
Our site was back against the wall next to that old motorhome
That's the Casino in the background. We did not even go in.

It was just a short drive to Santa Fe Skies RV Park just south of Santa Fe. We were going to stop at the San Felipe Hollywood Casino for $10 a night, but after seeing that it was about 40 miles from Santa Fe we decided to cough up the $$$$ for a spot here. The park costs way more than it should. No pool, no hot tub, but we do have full hookup. We are on the side of a hill overlooking the town. The view of the mountains is quite beautiful. Todays weather is cool and very windy. I hope it is better for our day in Santa Fe.

The view from the dinette window

Snow capped mountains

The administration building

Lovely views

Some of the sites

More sites

Site 8

Okay, what was this?

Part of the exhibition of old vehicles and farm implements

Just a little over the top!

Snow on the peaks

Wanna buy it?

Add caption

OK, so what is this about??

Solar array to help with 50 amps on every site


  1. I love the clouds in your pictures. And if you think that rig is overkill, you need to see my friend's set up. But I love those two "unique" RV's.

  2. We are playing hop scotch... we passed right by that Casino today... enjoy your day in Santa Fe.. it looks like a good City to visit.

    Gotta love those people hauling a 5th with a transport truck... can you spell "drink a lot of diesel"

  3. That is a nice area to visit, and the campground, well its just a place to park you have your house with you.