Sunday, April 01, 2012

Vancouver is a no-go this time around.

Where are we today? 
Ocean Hills Country Club

We are reverting back to the original route. The weather, cost of fuel, lack of open campgrounds and attractions have made us change our minds. So we will travel back through the centre of the US as planned. We are also not stopping at the Jayco factory as they are fully booked.


  1. Safe travels and enjoy the open road again!

  2. Hi Dee and Michael. I like all the informative links you have on your blog. Nice. You guys are really doing some traveling. I want to eventually take that Canadian route that you had planned. With gas going towards $5 per gallon though, we'll probably be a little more conscious of where we take the Jazz.

    1. Hi Levonne,
      Nice to see you back. haven't been doing much as far as the blog goes lately, with all the stuff that has been going on here. We hope to be on the road soon.