Sunday, April 08, 2012

The weather is not looking good.

Where are we today?
Guajome County Park, Oceanside.

I have been planning the trip home and using Trip Planner, it looks as if the first few days of our trip are going to be too good. Rain, Rain, Rain. So I am thinking that we may just hie up to I40 and drive straight across to my sister in Maryland and then home. We can go to Sedona and Santa Fe in the fall when we come south again. What do you think?

It is great that, with this lifestyle, our plans are made in Jello and we can change them at any time.


  1. We've had to change our routing many times due to weather reports. It's amazing how the forecast can change from one website to another though. Hopefully, you'll have a safe and uneventful trip north.

  2. Whatever works for you. The only weather reports that concern us are severe weather, high winds, snow, tornadoes etc. We had four days of rain forecasted recently and only had a few hours during the night.