Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weather and Campground woes.

Where are we today? 
Camp Verde, AZ

The weather is awful! Last night it started pouring with rain and there was a howling gusty wind. This morning it was really cold, just a few degrees above freezing here in Camp Verde RV Resort. We decided to do our day trip despite the weather...did I say Bad Mistake? We took off for Jerome at about 10 am. The higher we went, the harder it snowed. So we abandoned our plans and thought that we would just ask at the resort if we could stay an extra day. Didn't think it was a problem because the place is half empty anyway.See the rest of this story at the end of my post.

Here are some photos from our trip up the mountain to Jerome. Very disappointing day. I remember (12 years ago when we came through here) all the beautiful views over the valley showing the different colours in the rocks.  In a way the drive was pretty, all the snow in the pines up on top of the mountain pass, but disappointing all the same.

Our photos from the road:

Here is the review I have written for the RV Park Reviews website. It will be posted tomorrow after we have left here.

"We came here because it is near Sedona, Montezuma's Castle and Jerome. We were given a site that did not have sewer. It seemed that because were using a Coast to Coast membership, we did not have the option of getting a full hookup. When we got to the assigned site, the site was too small for the rig and the water and electric hookups were on the wrong side of the pad for us to hook up. It looks as if this campground used to be a KOA back in the days when no-one had a trailer longer than about 18 feet. When we checked in we were told that we not permitted to put a mat out on the "lawn" and we were not allowed to park on the "lawn". Well, if the hookups had been on the right site of the pad, then we would not have had to park on the "lawn". Apparently this is a rule of the new manager. The term "lawn" is used loosely here as there are a few tufts of grass in among all the weeds, This is a desert area, for heaven's sake. When our first full day here turned out to be too awful, weather-wise, to do any sight seeing, we asked if we could stay a third night. We were told (presumably by the "new" manager, M****a) in no uncertain terms that we could not because too many people had asked already to extend their stay. What kind of reason is that? The campground is half empty for heaven's sake! The other staff in the office at the time could even raise their eyes to look at me.  There is just a general air of unhappiness and shabbiness about the whole place. We will not be staying here again. I would rather stay in the Cottonwood Walmart parking lot! DO NOT STAY HERE".

Is this too strong?? 


  1. No, I think it could be a LOT stronger (and it needs some proofreading).

  2. Also, so sorry you have had such a miz day. Loretta and I had such a lovely drive through there a couple of weeks ago.

  3. What is the name of the park so that we are sure to avoid it?

    1. Camp Verde RV Resort. I was thinking of you two as we went through Phoenix yesterday.

  4. We stayed at Page Springs resort near Sedona, In early March 2009. The weather was great and the resort quite friendly. So I guess we just got lucky. We find mostly good resorts and the odd one not so good, But have returned a few years later to find a complete turn around. Good luck and safe travels.

  5. Hey, at least you said it the way it was! Sounds like a real lousy park... we have found a few. I hear you may be heading out our way on Hwy. 40... We will be staying here at Route 66 RV Park until Monday morning and then will be heading to New Mexico.
    John and Judy, RVlifeonwheels