Friday, April 20, 2012

Walmart in Checotah, Oklahoma

Filled up at the Flying J and then went over the road to the Walmart for the night. 2 miles off the I 40 but quiet. That is, until the lot sweeper started doing his thing at midnight. I don't know if he has a grudge against RVs, but he sure made certain that the area, around the 2 RVs parked here, was spotless. What a noise!

Then at about 1:00am a storm came through. The thunder and rain kept us awake until 3:00am. Not a good night.

We have been using Rest Stops with Dumps for emptying waste tanks and filling our fresh tank. Using the AllStays App, Camp and RV, we are able to find whatever facilities we need. Oklahoma has Rest Stops with Dumps. We have yet to see what is available in Arkansas, but may not need one for a few days.

I just wish we had been able to get solar installed. Maybe next winter.


  1. Maybe a refund on your camping fees? LOL.... The noise does not bother me (being hearing impaired does have its advantages) You can sure put a lot of fuel in your generator for the few thousand dollars solar will cost you.
    Travel safe, weather is getting better here.

  2. the last thing you want at the end of the long drive day is noise...we were at a nice welcome center last night in Danbury CT..a carload of youngsters (20 somethings) arrived whooping and hollaring...and left shortly after when they saw all the rvs lined up....and a big trucker pulled in beside us gunning his engine over and over..I just rolled over and went back to sleep....I can't complain when its free..doing a walmart safe out there

  3. Sorry you had a bad night...I often wondered how that worked camping at WalMart with the lot sweepers coming through at night, now I know :( Safe Travels.

  4. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)