Friday, April 13, 2012

The down side of this lifestyle!

Where are we today? 

I know it is all very nice and great to stay in the warm weather, travelling south in the fall and then north in the spring, but there is a downside all this. What is that, you say???

The Grandchildren!


When we left Ontario at the end of October 2011. We will be back at the end of April, 2012. What has happened in this time? Can't be much, you say. Well Noah was 51/2 when we left and Owen was just shy of 2. Owen was speaking in 2 word sentences. Now I see him on Skype and he is speaking is almost full sentences!  How much have we missed? A lot! and that is the downside. We will be back at the beginning of April next year. Only 5 months away. That gives us about a month that we can be out of Province to maintain our healthcare. Have to get ready and start planning for next winter.


  1. Yup.. we are planning to be south and west from Nov-April. We will fly home for a few weeks around Xmas so that will help. But Skype and post cards and emails and photos and Utubes will have to be the way to keep in touch with our grandtots too.

    Their lives get so busy in the winters, its best for us to come back here to Wisconsin in the summers when we can steal each of them for a week and have some special one on one time!

    Karen and Steve
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  2. Yes, we have Schaun visiting us for the weekend, and I agree, that will be one of the few things we will miss. We will enjoy longer visits in the summertime, but it won't be the same. I do love Skype though - it's great to be able to see the kids and talk in person. :)

  3. I am going to have to check into Skype as I see many seem to use it. It won't be long and you will surrounded with hugs and little smiles. Safe Travels

  4. That is the downside of being away so long. The attachment to family and community for me. Though I must say that blogging and skyping have been lifesavers for me in both regards.

  5. We know exactly what you mean. After over five years of full timing, we are buying a house, so we get to spend more time with the grands. Every six months does not do it.

    We are not giving up the wander lust, just going to do it intermittently:)