Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays!!!

For Christmas we gave Virginia a Kindle Touch 3G. She previously has a Kindle 3G with keyboard which she found very difficult to navigate.

Another gift we have given her is Wonderful Wednesdays. This is a surprise gift that we will give to her every Wednesday. I got this idea from a Facebook friend of mine, who always had a special adventure on Fridays. Tomorrow we are going to do some pre-arranged chores around Vista, San Marcos and Oceanside and then we will take her to dinner at Fish House Vera Cruz in San Marcos.

Further to her fall on Christmas Day in San Diego, she has been having a lot of pain in her lower back and I firmly believe that she has a hairline fracture and some bruising in her pelvis, perhaps her Ischial Tuberosity.

Next week's Wonderful Wednesday will be.... still researching something wonderful! As she is in her 92nd year we have some limitations, but we mean to make our visit here in SoCal a good time for her as well. So watch this space to find out about next weeks adventure!

She looks wonderful for a 91 year old!!


  1. I love your "Wonderful Wednesdays"

    I am an airline retiree and have the benefit of flight passes for life, as does my 86 year old father. I think he is due for a "Wonderful Week" (or two) in sunshine ! I would love to have him fly to San Antonio and travel with us to Arizona as we make our way west.

    I also must tell you that the picture of your Ontario base camp, just smiles and whispers "welcome"

    Have a great day

  2. she looks fantastic for 91 wow...how nice of you to make her days special...we just lost my wonderful MIL in Jan 2010...how I miss her she was 3 mos shy of her 95th b/day..and was step dancing the night before she passed away...I used to do surprise days for her also..and how she enjoyed those adventures...

  3. Wonderful Wednesdays is a great idea and it sounds like you are all having fun with them.

  4. Michael and Dee...our first time visiting! NO WAY is Virginia 91. She doesn't even look 71. I love your header picture. Your place looks lovely.

  5. Welcome, Paul and Marsha. She certainly doesn't look 91. But today she is feeling it. She has a condition called PMR which flares up from time to time and is also feeling a lot pain in her pelvis from her fall on Christmas day. I feel our Wonderful Wednesday is not going to be too wonderful.

  6. Rick and Elaine, I read your comment to V and she said there was no way she wanted to live to 95 and the way she is feeling today, she thinks she won't see 92. She will bounce back, she always does.

  7. Susan and Bob, I wish I had benefits like that :-) thanks for the comment about our home base, of course before I took the photo I didn't arrange the chairs or move the water bottle, haha. Have to do better next summer. We have a new site when we get back, so lots of arranging and gardening to be done. It is a bigger site, so I will have room to spread out a bit better.

  8. George and Suzie, looks like today's wonderful Wednesday is a bust. We will see if she feels up to dinner at Fish House Vera Cruz

  9. Michael and Dee...I wanted to send you an email and answer your question about our covered pad but I can't find an email address to send it to. If you would send me your email address, I would be happy to let you know how we like our site.
    So sorry she isn't haven't a good day. Please let her know we are praying for her to feel better very quickly!