Monday, January 16, 2012


After yesterday in the ER we are making progress as far as V's health needs are concerned. Twice a week with Hospice (V does not qualify for 24/7 hospice). A caregiver for overnight needs and days will be taken of with family and friends. Pain medication has been changed. Plans for the future have been discussed between V and I. So I am sleeping at home tonight, with the assurance that someone will be with her.

Later I will post a review of the Wifi Ranger which I installed last week.


  1. You will sleep so much better tonight and will wake up much more able to face tomorrow. Hugs.

  2. glad to see progress is being made..and that your getting some rest..

  3. So glad you are getting some additional help with V. So hard...but hospice helps.

  4. Haven't slept since Thursday night! Am about to hit the hay. Gotta take the match sticks out of my eyelids first.

    Thanks for all the encouragement. It really kept me going.

    G'night, all.

  5. We hope all goes as well as possible for you both.