Monday, January 02, 2012

Extreme Cold Weather Alert....OH No!

Extreme cold weather alert?? Yes, in Toronto! On the other hand, our weather here in Escondido is really glorious. 

Today is a driving Miss Virginia day. She has a dental appointment which she had to cancel last week as she has gastro-enteritis. Our days are settling into a nice rhythm. Up between 8 and 9, breakfast, then some computing and talking about ideas for the day. A good 2 to 3 mile walk, then reading, chatting with our neighbours or, sometimes going to the supermarket or camping world or a visit over to V. We are looking for a good rail trail for bike riding. We have only been down to the ocean once since we have been here. Must do that again while we still have good weather. 

Welcome to all our new readers. We hope to meet all of you in person along the road!


  1. sounds like a nice day!! Glad Miss V is feeling better..enjoy the ocean and the good weather. NB is also on alert for a cold spell..glad we're not there..

  2. Happy New Year, Dee and Mike.

    Sorry I was away when you stopped by Keedysville in November. Love the land yacht! I am secretly quite envious.

    Have you thought of joining the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association?

    I ran into this crowd in Johannesburg, California, maybe four hours drive from where you are, up in the Mojave east of LA. RVers outspanned in the middle of the desert panning for gold. Looked like fun in a desperate sort of way.

    Happy trails.


  3. Yes, Happy New Year, Simon. We would have given you a personal tour of the real Palais Royale! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. Always nice here in California right???
    Well better than Ontario for sure we will take what we can get. enjoy!!!