Sunday, January 08, 2012

Did you feel the earthquakes this weekend??

Click on the heading above for news of the earthquake.

We didn't feel it. It was in the Coachella Valley and was felt from Indio all the way down to Oceanside.

Today we were woken early by a call from Virginia who was feeling down. So we went over to her place and found her in pain again. We all decided to take her out for a drive to get her mind off her ailments, do a bit of shopping and go for a drive to the beach, so after some more analgesics we bundled her and her walker into the car. Target was our first stop for a nice clock for above her mantle, a new scale and some other odds and ends. Then we carried on down to Encinitas and stopped off at Moonlight Beach. A short walk to a bench for her to get some fresh air and a good view. She seemed to enjoy sitting in the fresh air and filling her lungs with the salt air. The cool breeze came up and chased us home.

Virginia and Michael 
Moonlight Beach
Playground and Beach side houses


  1. Love the photos. Glad you could get Virginia out for a while. I am sure it made her feel better. Great job!

  2. Thanks Paul and Marsha, yes she felt much better. She had been sleeping for almost 48 hours, probably due to all the pain meds she is taking. I felt she needed to get out into the sun and fresh air.

  3. Poor V I sure hope she feels better soon..glad you could get her out for a while..I'm sure it perked up her day...nothing like sun and fresh air to made you feel better...great beach pictures

  4. Poor V. So glad you are thee.

  5. How nice that you were able to take Virgina out for a drive. I am sure she really enjoyed it. The pictures of the ocean are great.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Virginia looks good soaking up some sun on that bench. The beach there looks beautiful.