Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Busy Day

Early this morning we got a call from Carolyn, another of Virginia's "adopted" daughters, to say that she could not get an answer from V's phone. Yesterday we had moved the office around to put the new sofa bed along the long wall, moved all her computer equipment onto the big desk and sorted various things out. In the move of the sofa we had hit the phone duplex connector. She has a Life Alert system connected to the phone so we had to get over to her condo as soon as possible to find out what had happened. When we got there we found her sitting at the dining table looking as fresh as a daisy, talking to her spiritual counsellor. He had tried earlier to contact her and after not getting an answer he had just opened the door, expecting to find her in a heap on the floor. Instead he had found her sitting at the table having her morning coffee, reading the paper.

I got onto the computer for a chat session with TimeWarner to come in and fix the phone connection and to move the Cable modem as she has phone through her cable.

I gave her breakfast and then we used the cell phone to make an appointment for manicure for both of us and a pedicure for me.

Off we went for the mani/pedicures. I love being pampered.

Virginia getting her acrylic nails fixed and filled.
My foot being tended to by Kim
On the way home from the salon we stopped off at Fry's Electronics and picked up a new phone duplex connector and an ethernet cable which we used to replace the stuff on the phone and internet connection, and we got the phones in the condo working again so could cancel the $40 service call from Time Warner.

Then V's realtor called to say that the tenant in her house in Oceanside had locked herself out, so Michael and I jumped in the car and raced over there to open the door for her. By the time we got back to V's condo, I was just in time to get her dressed for no blog from her today.


  1. Always something exciting happening almost everyday for you this winter.

  2. All is well that ends well. I am glad the outcome was much better than anticipated. WHEW! God is still holding you all closely.

    Just BS! (Bob and Sue)