Friday, January 06, 2012

All's well on the Western Front!

The day has dawned, bright and sunny and V is so much better. She is taking pain killers which are keeping the pain at bay. Last night we watched Secretariat. What a great movie! If you haven't seen it, buy it or rent it.

The other movie is A Walk in the Clouds. Haven't watched it yet, but will do tonight.

 So, I am heading back to Escondido RV Resort and maybe will go for a bike ride, or go to the beach. Or not. Isn't it great that we can decide on the spur of the moment what we want to do?


  1. We haven't seen Secretariat...but now it is on our list.
    Soooooo glad V is feeling better. Prayers do the trick!

  2. Very glad to hear life is normal again for. It certainly can be difficult sometimes waiting! Having 80 degree weather does help. I washed our coach yesterday and I bet V. has more energy than I do today.

  3. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. V was tickled pink with all the comments.

  4. Glad V is doing better and yes the lifetsyle is Awesome!