Sunday, December 18, 2011

This n That

I think the whole world has gone mad! getting to V's home, some 9 miles away, is almost impossible. It took us almost 45 minutes the other day. The roads are jammed, no matter what time of the day. We have taken to looking for back roads. Hopefully this is a sign that the recession is grinding to an end as people are spending, spending, spending. How many are buying American?? I wonder.

Our trip here gave us a few challenges, one being the terrible road in Alabama where our Brake Buddy broke and just kept self initiating. We only discovered this after driving a few miles with the car brakes on. Anyway, as soon as we got here we UPSed it to the manufacturer in Kansas, dreading the repair bill to come. Well, the BB was returned to us, repaired at no cost! What a relief. Then one of our Tire Pressure Monitors on the car stopped working. We sent it back to TST and it, too was returned to us at no cost. Whew. We do still have to get the car brakes attended to as they got so hot that the front discs warped.

Brake Buddy fixed, tire pressure monitor fixed, water leaks fixed. Life is feeling a lot less stressful! Until last night that is, at about midnight, we were wakened by the sound of automatic gunfire! Then a helicopter circling overhead. Some of the other RVers also heard it. It was not in the RV Resort, where we feel very safe, but outside somewhere in the surrounding area. Escondido is a high crime area. This morning I took my walk in the park behind us and there were a few homeless people still sleeping on the grass, but they were alive and there was no evidence of any crime having happened up there.

Look closely at these two palm trees. What do you see?

A close up of the tree on the right. It's not a real tree! It's a cell phone tower!

Our new site at Escondido RV Resort.

The back of the Seneca. Satellite receiver at the top of the ladder.

We are having a quiet day at home, Michael is attending to some maintenance  outside and I am pottering around inside. There are some occasional rain showers and it is dull and overcast.


  1. Its nice to get the parts repaired free, kinda take the edge off.
    Take care and have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Love free repairs, We have found a screw in of our dually tires and have to get that fixed, hopefully covered by our tire warranty. Going in to tire shop on Tuesday.