Friday, November 04, 2011

Niagara to Keedysville to Abita Springs

What a week it has been!

We left Campark and crossed at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. We have never been through a border post so fast! I think it took all of 15 minutes, most of the time being the maneuver through the tight control posts. The border official was great. He stood in front of the motorhome and signalled us through. The biggest question was "Do you have any firewood?"

As we drove south on 219 we started to see more and more snow from the unexpected snowstorm that passed through. As the temperatures warmed up, the snow started melting and it was as if the trees were throwing snowballs at us.

At my sister's house in Keedysville, Maryland, there was still quite a lot of snow on the ground, but the roads were fine. We were able to pull into the driveway and find a fairly level spot. Hooked up with electricity and spent a wonderful 3 nights with her. As we have so little family in North America, it is always special to spend time together.

Parked in my sister's driveway

Look at all that snow!

Thought we had left all that white stuff at home!

We left Keedysville on the morning of Wednesday, November 2nd and headed down through Virginia and into Tennessee. We had planned to go through Nashville, taking the I40 across to Flagstaff, but the weather was not looking good, so we decided to go south and take I 20. Our first night stop was at Dublin, Virginia Walmart.

Parked at Dublin, VA Walmart
The next day we made the decision to carry on South to Abita Springs in Louisiana and to meet up with our son, Greg in New Orleans where he is attending a wedding photography conference/workshop. We spent the night in a Camping World in Calera, Alabama. Full hookup and 50 amps to boot! Great place for an overnight stop!

Route from Keedysville to Abita Springs. 2 days of hard driving.

We arrived in Abita Springs at about 5 pm and settled into our lovely pond side site. Tomorrow we will Have a look around the local area and on Sunday we will go into New Orleans to meet Greg for lunch at a restaurant in the French Quarter.

Here at Abita Springs we met up with a couple that I had met up at Galvin Bay in July, George and Suzie Yates. A nice chat and a date for Happy Hour tomorrow at their campsite.

Our site at Abita Springs

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  1. Nice to see you guys again, down south where its much warmer now. Enjoyed Happy hour!