Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life in California

After more than a week here in Southern California, we are still trying to settle into a routine. The park is very nice and very quiet. People come and go and it does not seem as if anyone fraternises with any one else. Apart from a few nods and smiles, we haven't really spoken to anyone.

We were at Sonrise RV in Escondido the other day getting a new propane hose for the Extend-A-Stay and the guys there gave us two tickets for a Pancake Breakfast at Applebees, so this morning we were up early and made our way there. It was a fund raising benefit event for the local Charter School's basketball team.

The reason we had to get a new propane hose was that Michael had not removed the one we had on the propane tank and somewhere along the way, it fell out of the compartment and was dragged for a few hundred miles, totally destroying the end.

The weather has been cool with a few overnight showers. There is, however, quite a big rain storm coming our way. The nights are cold and we have had the furnace running off and on to keep us mostly warm and cozy inside. One of the problems we have found with this RV is that at the back, between the end cap and the bedroom there is nothing in the way of insulation. The floor is not insulated either. My side of the bed is freezing cold. Another thing to talk to Jayco about when we go there in April.

Michael has spent a few days going around tightening screws, fixing this and that. The build on the vehicle is very poor and we are going to have to spend some money on repairing all the deficiencies. One big improvement will be boosting the suspension. The back sway is really bad. We were going to put Timbrens in but after a visit to a local springs shop, we have decided to put in boosted springs and better shock absorbers. The front end will need to be tightened up as well.

This morning we took the time go for a walk about in the park behind the resort. There is a nice walking track and I will take advantage of that to get my morning exercise in. We took a few photos of the resort from the hill at the back. Nice views of the hills and valleys as well.

Kids Playground

Across the park to the hillsides behind the Resort

The upper level of the resort. We are in the center section hidden behind the RV's  that can be seen here.

Large paved area. Not sure what it is for.

Mobile homes with the new hospital in the background

Homes and hills

The lower section has narrower sites to accommodate RVs with no or only one slide

Another view of the lower section. Resort buildings with red roofs. Laundry, washrooms and clubhouse.

More lower level


  1. It's amazing the number of parks where people don't talk to each other. Then the snowbird parks where they all have their cliques and don't talk to new people. But then every once in awhile you meet some really great people. Hope you find some.

  2. Good luck meeting people in the resort. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. You have a few months to do that and get you coaches issues all ironed out.