Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doing stuff in San Marcos/Escondido

The first thing we did this morning was go to Camping World in San Marcos. We needed to pay our tithe! Two things on the shopping list.

1) A new dual hitch receiver with a dropped hitch to take the Blue Ox and the bike rack. We had a Blue Ox single dropped receiver and a friend made a bracket to take the bike rack in another receiver. This all worked really well, until we took a ramp into a parking area, caught the bottom of one of the bolts that held the bracket on, bent the bolt, bent the bottom plate and compromised the whole thing. Camping World had one in stock, but it had been ordered for another customer some time ago. They very kindly sold us that receiver. Now we just have to find someone to cut the inserts shorter and drill some holes for the pins.

2) A Dish Network satellite receiver on their pay as you go scheme. Up in Canada we have Bell, but the Bell footprint does not reach this far south and west. Michael just has to go up and change the switches on the Carry Out satellite antenna. We had the choice of switching our provider to Shaw (Starchoice) which is supported down here, but as we already have the Winegard Carry Out, we decided to go this route. The Carry Out does not support Shaw.

While we were at Camping World we saw a really different truck Camper. It is mounted on a Land Rover truck and comes from Switzerland. It looked very well made and very compact. Would have loved to have seen inside!

Fits very neatly onto a Land Rover

Bikes on the back. Small Swiss flag stuck on the license plate.

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