Monday, October 10, 2011

Moving the shed

We have been given a new site, which is bigger and cooler than our present site. We realize that it is going to be a big job to move everything, but we had the assurance of several people in the park that we would be able to get help with the move. This morning as the weather was really good and as it was the final day of the Thanksgiving weekend, I went around and found some able bodied men to help. We arranged for them to come over at 1 pm. We had some webbed straps which were inserted under the shed and 6 brawny men simply lifted the shed up and carried it over to the new site. Here are the pictures of the move.

Setting off down the road

and onto the site

All the stuff on the left hand side is what came out of the shed!

Easing it into place. The previous occupant's trailer is still on the site.

And in place on the concrete blocks.

We also called on 3 ladies to help me move the gazebo. Once the present occupant has moved his trailer off the site, we can go ahead and get the deck modules over. The Motorhome will stay on our old site until we leave, as I still have my internet connection over there. When we get back in the Spring, we will go directly to our new site.

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