Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tire trouble!

Back last year sometime, we bought tire pressure monitors for the Moho and the car, 10 in all. We just never got round to installing them until yesterday. Once Michael had finished the set up it was showing the driver's side inside rear tire was sitting at only 20 psi instead of 90 psi. He took the monitor off and then used a gauge which confirmed the reading. Over the course of the evening, the tire pressure gradually got lower and lower until there was no pressure reading at all. He was very worried and we discussed various options for getting the tire repaired. We asked the campground owner to come over with his big compressor to try and pump the tire up so that we could see how fast it was deflating. He is unable to come until tomorrow. So we borrowed another camper's small compressor but that did not work. Overnight the pressure dropped to zero.

This morning Sylvain (the owner)tried to put air in but was unable to. We went online to find out if there was a truck or tire repair facility in the area. Our camping neighbors also told us about a place just down the road who may be able to help, Bell's Truck and Towing. I had found our tire warranty and they will cover repair or replacement 100% , which is reassuring. We jumped into the car and drove down to the truck place and they sent someone immediately in a big tow truck, with a big compressor on it. The mechanic was unable to get any air into the tire and so he tried to get air out, again was not able to do that. His diagnosis was that the tire was full of air, probably over full at this point and that the valve stem was faulty. We can wait until tomorrow and stop in on our way down Buckhorn Road to get the valve stem repaired and the tire repumped up. Whew! It's funny how you think what is a disaster, turns to be (almost) nothing. Our imaginations run away with us!

Now to sit back and enjoy the rest of the day.

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