Monday, November 15, 2010


We winterized the Seneca today because we are flying to Los Angeles tomorrow. We will be away for 10 days as we are helping my American Mom to move into Assisted Living. She is moving to The Chateau at San Marcos where she has taken a lease on a condo. Her house in Oceanside has been leased in the summer and will be available for the family.

We weren't sure what to do about wintering, whether to use RV anti-freeze or to just blow the lines was the question. In the end we blew the lines and just added anti-freeze to the traps. The ice maker in the fridge was disconnected and all water was drained from the system. This should be enough. It will also be a lot easier to de-winterize when we come back on the 26th.

The weather is starting to get cold and by the time we get back from California we should have had the first snowfall up here in Ontario. We will be at Milton for 12 days before we put the RV back into storage while we are house and cat sitting in London, Ontario. If the house sitting works out we may think about doing more of that in the future.

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