Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We flew into LAX yesterday at 2:15 and took the Fly-Away bus and then the Metrolink train down to Oceanside. The train was only $14 for me and $7 for Michael (because he is a really old dude). This is a 2 hour trip. Why must GO in Ontario be so expensive? It was dark by 5:30 so we did not get to see the interesting part of the trip, i.e. along the Pacific Coast, but we will see that on the way back on the 26th. Luckily for us there was a cab waiting at the station and $35 later we were at Virginia's door.

Virginia is looking well. A little pale, but she is the Eveready Bunny and keeps going and going. We are going to help to find stuff for her new condo in Assisted Living in San Marcos. We will go up there today to check it out.

This is my 3rd trip here since April and I will be here again in February. The plan is to stay in Virginia's house and put the RV into storage in San Marcos. We found a place there through the Internet, and will be going to pay the $130 for February and $65 for half of March.

I am shocked at the price of diesel here $3:35 a gallon. More expensive than gas. Oh well. We won't be doing a lot of running around in the RV so I guess it will be OK.

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