Tuesday, August 10, 2010

South Dakota

Not much more to see in the central portion of South Dakota. But as we approached Badlands National Park we noticed the topography starting to change. The flat landscape was starting to crinkle up and so we decided to go into Badlands National Park. We bought an annual pass so that we can go to all the national parks we want to for the year and not have to pay any more. Badlands is amazing. With very unique scenery. We drove around the whole park and then decided to stop for the night in Badlands/White River KOA. It was so hot that we opted to take one of their cabins instead of go into a tent. Good choice. It was cool and comfortable. We met some really interesting people in the campground. One guy bought an old C Class motor home and is doing it up. He has painted it black, which is quite strange, but it does match the trailer that he pulls behind. We also met Barry from Kentucky who is travelling in his motor coach with his wife and dog. They carry Kayaks on their toad. Interesting guy with some great political views. It was a good day all round, culminating in a refreshing swim in the pool.

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