Monday, August 02, 2010


We left the Kruger's house at about 10 and set off for Lake Erie where the competition was being held. When we got there we set up on the group camping site just inside the boundary. The field was quite level so we did not have to do any levelling. We were now camped for 4 days without any hookups. It would be interesting to see if the batteries would last that long. We have 3 deep cycle batteries so we should be OK. There were already several families there, but a whole lot more coming.

The campground was really nice and right on Lake Erie with a small beach just a few feet from the camp. The pavillion where we would be having the competition was between us the beach.

Over the next three days we had a really great time, relaxing, barbequing (braaiing) and just generally hanging out. Thea did not win the competition, but her mutton curry potjie was wonderful. She made bunny chows and her theme was the orange, white and blue of the old SA flag. The orange being the sun, the blue being the ocean and the white being the beaches. It was very good and everyone enjoyed it. August 1st was Thea's birthday and we gave her a book, which I know she will enjoy. It is called The Help and was recommended by my sister, Patricia.

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