Saturday, July 03, 2010

No Satellite!

The best signal we could get, even from higher up the tree was 50%. So the satellite equipment has gone back into storage and we are on Antenna. It's not bad as we do get some HD channels and some analogue. Only local TV or course, but we are watching the soccer in HD on CBC. Well done, Germany!

We did some polling of other campers and it seems that even if you have a clear view of the sky, Bell does not have a good signal in this area. Strange, but true!

The weather here is wonderful. Hot and sunny. I think we will be glad to be under the trees as we are conserving electricity. I took a reading of the electric meter when we arrived and will read it again when we leave so that we can leave some money for our consumption.


  1. Dee, Are you in Germany? That comment threw me a bit. Hope you are having a good start to your 4th of July weekend. The Camp Host Housewife

  2. Ontario, Canada. I was just watching the soccer and Germany won their match.

  3. Hi Daryl! It's good to see you guys making use of the site and good to hear that the weather is nice. We are in Custer City, SD and it is HOT. On Thursday night in Iowa , at Louis & Clark State Park it was beautiful and quite historic too. We came across this place by pure chance. Take Care, Sunny