Sunday, July 04, 2010

Heat Wave

This week we are having a heatwave here in Southern Ontario. The temps are up in the 30s with the humidex in the 40s. We may be forced to run the AC on a couple of nights.

Today we went down to Charlinda Belgian Chocolates for a very overpriced and underwhelming milk shake. Won't go there again. I think George's Kawartha ice creams across the road are just fine and they are cheaper!

We tried to get the satellite again as the sky was absolutely cloudless and our neighbour, Bruce has gone for a couple of weeks. We eventually got an 80% signal to the right of Bruce's site. The cable is strung up between 2 trees. We will have to secure the wire better as it is sagging. It looks as if someone else has done the same thing as there are 2 big hooks in the trees!

I went to TigerDirect to try and get an internet stick router so that I can run the printer wirelessly. I found one and spent the afternoon trying to set it up and now I find out that it is not compatible with my stick. AAAGGHH so frustrating. Now I have to get the router back.

Oh the trials of retired life!!

Most of the campers have gone for the week, so it is lovely and quiet here this evening.

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