Friday, June 25, 2010

We've moved....again!

We are now at Cedar Beach Resort on Tom and Sunita's site. It was a little difficult getting in because the sewer is situated right under the vehicle and also because of our slide we had to come in really close against the patio stones so that we didn't stick out into the neighbours yard. Anyway we are now parked and getting settled. We tried to get the satellite but realized that we have probably been cut off until we get setup again tomorrow at Greg's house.

We are supposed to be going to Cambridge on July 1st to get the Bike Rack fitted, but having spent so much time getting into this site, Michael is very loath to move until the end of July.

I have been sick the past 2 days. I woke up on Wednesday with a very sore throat. I had root canal scheduled that day and went ahead with it. Anyway, I have been off sick for 2 days, Coughing, sneezing and croaking. Should be better for work on Monday. Last 3 days of work!

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