Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen , Goodbye........

I have spent the morning in the hospital saying goodbye to the multitude of friends and co-workers that I have made or worked with over the last 20+ years. It is an emotional road. I will be coming back in October in a casual capacity, but don't know yet, where, but have some options. We'll see. At least working will put gas in the tank.

My main priority will be to sign up for health care insurance and I am going with  Health Care Providers as that will give both of us some coverage. If I stayed with Sunlife, then only I will be covered. This way, Michael gets coverage as well.

The first week in the motor home has been interesting and now as we move into a new phase of RV living, I think it will be more interesting than ever. Still so much to get rid of. Today we go back to Pickering to get our mail and do some unpacking of the storage area. We have that for $70 a month for 3 months, then it has to go.

The IS Department gave me a final farewell. Lovely cheesecake, chocolate cake and fruit cake. Thanks guys!

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