Monday, June 21, 2010

First Night report

 Grrrooooaaaannnnn. Didn't sleep so well. nerves, anxiety, fear, excitement, whatever, all were jostling for supremacy. The bright moonlight and security lights in the "parking lot" didn't help. I heard some kind of animal outside. It must have come over from the forest behind us. I was convinced it must be something carnivorous! Not used to animals having just moved from a concrete jungle! Anyway it turned out to be rabbits. I never knew they made a little chirruping noise. I thought it was raccoons. Eventually slept from about 1230 to 0430. So I got up and pottered around, then had a shower. Checked my emails and got ready for work. Just dying for that first cuppa Joe of the day. Alas that was not to be. The coffee was sitting in the vacuum pack container at the condo. Tim Horton's, here we come!!

Talking about vacuum pack containers. We came across these wonderful containers at the Corning Ware Outlet in Pickering. They are made by OXO, and they have a lid with a big button that you press to open it and close it. Vacuum seals the container so no little critters or damp can get in. I also like that they are square so very little wasted space!

Boy! Do we have a space problem in the RV. There has to be some more serious disposing of stuff. Our over cab bunk is chock a block full of boxes and there is STILL stuff at the house. Thank goodness for our neighbour who is a very willing recipient of last minute stuff, cleaning materials etc. Her son is furnishing a home so she got some lamps, and odds and ends as well as the furniture that she bought. Thank you Anne!

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