Friday, May 14, 2010

47 Days

The sale of the condo is final and we have to be out by June 24th!! Yikes! So much to do, so little time. Have to get the Magic Jack for phone calls. You can now have a Canadian number on the MJ, so that is next on the list. Looking at solar panels and a generator. Last night I bought a new Epson multi function printer that has a front loading paper tray and is wireless, so I can set it up on the overhead bunk area. An internet stick or satellite internet??? We have to decide. The stick is cheaper, but maybe the speed is not fast enough for Skype and the Magic Jack. Have to research that. I would LOVE an iPad 3G but that is not in the budget.

The biggest thing now is to sell all the furniture and the buyer has expressed an interest in buying all our stuff. How lucky can we get??? Linens, Kitchen stuff, flatware, appliances all have to go. Goodwill and Diabetic Society have already got a ton of things.

The Move is ON!!!!

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