Monday, April 05, 2010

MacGregor Point. Easter weekend

Our weekend at MacGregor Point was very successful It was the first time we had towed the car behind the motor home. Back last year we bought a used Saturn for next to nothing as the dealership was going out of business and Saturn has been discontinued. The we bought Blue Ox tow set up , also used from a guy who was selling his motor home. All we had to do was get the base plate welded onto the Saturn.

The Blue Ox tow bar attaches into the receiver on the motorhome and then onto the baseplate on Saturn. The Saturn is towed with the ACC on, hand brake off and a fuse removed so that the battery does not go dead. We have a brake Buddy, also bought from the guy along with the Blue Ox. This very nifty gadget is a brake accessory that applied the brakes in the car as soon as you apply the brakes in the motorhome.

The motorhome did not even know that there was a car back there! We did make one big mistake in that we went on a dirt road. The car engine was covered in dust! We'll know better next time.

The sites are very large with a "Drive Thru" which means that you don't have to reverse into the site, just drive through on the little driveway. Very easy access. 30 amp electricity but no water or sewer. We managed very well with the tanks, only having to top up the Clean water once or twice.

The weather was fantastic, feeling quite summerlike for most of the weekend. We enjoyed walks, cycling and a few trips into the nearby town of Port Huron. Great fish and chips at the Lord Elgin restaurant. Highly recommended.

The campground was almost empty, except for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We were there from Thursday to Tuesday, so enjoyed the peace and quiet. Here are some photos of our set up, and our camp site.

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  1. Excellent! Maria and I will try to follow your adventures a little more closely from now on . . .